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The next phase of the project is the Entry Courtyard and the Ornamental Garden. The Entry Courtyard will allow is to visually tie the garden to the university by using the same materials used on campus for paving and rockwork. This area will provide a site for a monument to David Douglas, which has been generously donated by the David Douglas Society of Western North America. Berms flanking the paved courtyard will create an opportunity to add winter interest with dwarf evergreens while the interior spaces will allow us to create alpine gardens.

Ornamental knot gardens located within the paving will add colour along with flowering trees while the vines located on timber trellises will provide a sheltered place for visitors to sit.

Arching along the crest of the hill we plan to establish a lilac walk. This will allow us to incorporate wheel chair access down to the lower path in the Ornamental Garden, while providing space for benches for visitors to view the garden. The walk will be 3 meters wide and will be backed by a row of Syringa var (lilac bushes).

The Ornamental Garden will give us an opportunity to do an extensive planting of shrub material in the area above the pond liner. An assessment of successful shrub material for this region has never been done.

Construction of the first pond includes an access path for maintenance, we will have a wheel chair path and staircase that will connect with this path to allow visitors to view the garden from many angles. The path will then be extended to encompass the gardens in phase two.

We are currently investigating the possibility of incorporating running water into the stair design.

The final key element that will tie the garden together will be the planting of 70 trees along the sides of the garden from the Entry Courtyard down to the Northern Lights Terrace. This will provide a frame along the edges of the garden to draw the visitor's gaze out to the McGregor Mountains beyond.

Featured Plant

The Campanulas, more familiarly known as bluebells or bellflowers.

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