Oct 2, 2017

Ethnobotany Workshop: October 21st

DDBGS will be holding an ethnobotany workshop to DDBGS members and non-members at UNBC on October 21st, 9AM to 4PM.

Carla Burton is a UNBC faculty member who teaches Ethnobotany in Terrace, B.C.

The workshop will include a presentation on plant uses by local First Nations people for food, medicine, spirituality, and technology. Participants will take a short walk in the UNBC vicinity to examine  native plants.  The afternoon will consist of making salves with native plants that people can take home.  

Registration for DDBGS members is $25 and will be $50 for non-members, which will include a DDBGS membership.  Registration for non-members will be open on October 15th.  

Please bring a sharp paring knife, sturdy gloves, and a container for your salve, to the workshop. Other equipment and tools will be provided by DDBGS.

The workshop will be held in Lab 8-325,  located in the Teaching Laboratory at UNBC.

Carla Burton (PhD, University of Victoria) is an Adjunct Professor at UNBC and a partner in the firm Symbios Research and Restoration, operating out of Terrace, BC. For over 20 twenty years she has worked on contracts relating to restoration ecology and ethnobotany in the northwest of British Columbia. She has worked in collaboration with the Nisga’a and Gitxsan First Nations in British Columbia documenting traditional plant use, conducting traditional use studies and restoring ecosystems with herbaceous native plants.

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