Master Gardener Projects

Tomato Project

The Master Gardeners were given a list of Pete Amyoony's tomatoes that he has been growing near Dunster, and now would like to figure out what we have all been growing from his seeds.  The PG Seed Collective and Nicole Gagnon are trying to compile a Master List to determine what tomatoes need to be focussed on and grown in the next few years (we can't have any of these beautiful varieties disappear on us!). This will ensure that all the varieties that Pete has been keeping will continue on.

If you could email Nicole the tomatoes that you have been growing from Pete's list (attached) then we can figure what tomatoes are becoming endangered and go from there.

Nicole Gagnon, MGIT 250-981-9784

A Daylily Project

Through a partnership with the David Douglas Botanical Garden Society and UNBC Continuing Studies, the first Master Gardener class got underway in January, 2008. The members of the class share a passion for gardening, learning, and helping others. The purpose of a Master Gardener is to be trained and be able to share with the public environmentally responsible gardening practices, gardening information, and promote the enjoyment of gardening through a variety of volunteer projects and activities.

Each Saturday from January through April we met in the Continuing Studies building at UNBC, and while winter deepened, we were occupied with everything from landscape design to integrated pest management and soils.  Being able to share ideas and experiences with 30 other gardeners every week was very stimulating.   It was while we were studying perennials that the class decided to research the feasibility of a daylily legacy project.

Hemerocallis, commonly referred to as the daylily, is an outstanding perennial that will perform well under almost all conditions, making them perfect for Prince George.  Daylilies are hardy, long-lived, and bloom the year they are planted; many are re-bloomers.  They range in height from 10" to 5', are excellent ground cover on slopes, and there are thousands of cultivars to choose from and to add to a collection.  Although each bloom only lasts a day, a mature daylily will have many flower stems, each stem has many buds, and will continue to bloom for weeks.

With the support of Communities in Bloom, the City of Prince George provided a bed for the project, and the Master Gardeners In-Training each contributing, the daylilies were purchased from local retailers Art Knapp's and Birch Creek Nursery.  The daylilies were potted up to give them a good start, and on June 8, 2008 the class gathered to plant them.

125 daylilies were planted in the median above Foothills and 15th, as you go up University Way.  A map of the planting was made, and will be kept on file at the Society.  The first Master Gardener class is hoping this daylily bed will encourage more planting of perennials in the boulevards and demonstrate the hardy options to the city and the gardening public.

As you're out this summer, take a drive by the daylily bed now and then.  With early, mid and late season bloomers, you'll be sure to see different varieties in bloom each time.  The daylilies will get larger every year, and will be watched over by the Master Gardeners.

Pat delaRonde
Master Gardener


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The Campanulas, more familiarly known as bluebells or bellflowers.

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